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Originally published on www.lebryk.com Word around the web when this lens was announced spread like a California Wildfire. It was a momentous occasion if I do say so myself. The lens (as the title states) is the NEW Sigma 24-35 F2 lens, and the pomp and circumstance about its announcement was not because of it’s […]

Nikon’s not the only one having fun in the pre-Photokina run up. We’re hearing that Sigma, Tamron, and Sony have also been announcing some new lenses, and we figured we should probably drop in and mention a thought or two on them for y’all. People might argue with me, but for my money the coolest […]

  Look at your 50mm. Now look at this one. Now look back to yours. Looks tiny, don’t it? Yes. Yes it does. No, your 55mm OTUS doesn’t count. That’s a 55mm. Also, you have an OTUS? We’re all jealous. The rest of you though, your 50mm now looks small. It probably also doesn’t have […]

Sigma has just sent us a link demoing their firmware cradle which was announced along with their ART 30mm f1.4 and which will work with their new lenses going forward. Excitingly, it looks like not only does it allow for focus microadjustment, but it does so for different values at different focus distances within the […]

[This review is reposted from our friend Marc Lebryk’s blog with permission. View it in its original location here: http://www.lebryk.com/picking-a-winner/] It’s no secret how I’ve always felt about third party lenses. They were just never the same to me as the “real” thing, such as a name brand Canon L series lens or a Nikon Gold […]