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We recently had a visit from a manufacturer’s representative who had a new product with him that didn’t seem to fit in with his usual product mix. I said to myself, “uh oh, this is going to be an odd product…run the other way…”, but then….too late…he caught me…..and am I glad he did! This […]

Each year, one of my favorite weekends here at Roberts is Nikon Day.  We love having our friends from Nikon to our great city to talk gear, show off long lenses, and answer our questions…but more importantly is that Nikon likes to buy our customers lunch!  The only catch is that we have to cook […]

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.” I remember my grandfather saying this to me when I was very young, and it rooted in me a strong purpose to be conscientious of my effect on the outdoors. Moreover, this succinct thought encourages us to be less encumbered by what we bring with us and […]


Originally posted on www.lebryk.com For a photographer, getting a new camera can be a tough yet exciting thing. Really it only happens once every so often, kind of like buying a car. But at the Nikon D4s price tag of $6500, it’s eerily like buying a car actually. I don’t remember who said it to […]

We just got a nice update from our Nikon rep regarding their ever-expanding and increasingly-complex wireless trigger system. In his words: As you know, the Nikon remote control system is one of the more versatile systems on the market today.  From the enthusiast level ML-L3 to the recently introduced pro level WR-1 – Nikon has got […]

This is for those of you who are into the nitty gritty of how your camera works, and where the actual components that make up their ooey-gooey insides come from. For example, the sensors. Like LCDs, sensors are an electrical component of some great complexity, and are often sourced from outside vendors or fabbers, either […]

You’ll be forgiven if you’ve forgotten about Nikon’s WU-1A wireless adapter. I very nearly had. But, this little jobby plugs into the D3200, and once there lets your DSLR connect to a WiFi network and begins looking for a smartphone on the same network running the appropriate app from Nikon. Previously, this was only possible […]

Following up hot on the heels of the last D4 love post, we have one of our favorite local photogs today getting his initial thoughts about Nikon’s new D4 up. As a long-time Nikon shooter for his personal work, and a Canon shooter for his day job, Marc Lebryk is often a pretty good source […]