Westcott’s X-Drop System Gives You Good Travel Backgrounds


So, here’s a product I wasn’t aware had come out until today (bad web inventory manager not telling me), but it’s a new X-Drop background kit from Westcott. Now, I don’t often get excited about new backgrounds. It’d be like getting excited by a new ramen flavor. But, this is something new. More like a new type of bowl noodle, really.

If any of you have ever done location portraits, you know having a good background can be… a challenge. And, real background kits have those big stands and bigger cloths or papers that make set-up a pain. More portable options are costy. So, here’s a new idea: a 5×7′ telescoping presentation-style easel that stretches the lightweight background tight. Westcott is making nine colors, three of which are reasonable (black, white, and chroma green), and three of which were clearly scraped from a retro-Victorian scrapbook. You can buy a kit with any of the nine colors, a case, and the stand for less than $100, it’ll weight 3 whole pounds, and collapse into a 36″ x 6″ case. And, you can fit two other backdrops in the case, which’ll set you back $60 each. And all the backdrops are washable muslin. This is really pretty much the most exciting thing I can remember seeing in backgrounds for some time, and I’m seriously considering adding a white kit to my own lighting baggage because, well, at that price and size, why not? Then, I don’t have to worry about cloning out imperfections from their wall later, you know?

Hit the external link below to check them out for yourself.

◤ Link: Westcott X-Drop Kit