Tamron Announces New 70-200mm and 90mm Macros


Thought I was done with product announcements? Ha! Not even! No rest for the wicked, they say, and I am nothing if not wicked. I mean, otherwise, how did I karmically deserve to be a blogger? Seriously.

Next up, stuff from people who aren’t Nikon! Instead, let’s talk Tamron. They have two new lenses for our consideration, a new 70-200 dubbed the SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD, and a refresh to their 90mm macro dubbed the SP 90mm F/2.8 Di MACRO 1:1 VC USD.

As always, the name really says it all, with the “Di” indicating these are for full-frame digital (and will also as such work on crop ones), the VC means it has Tamron’s vibration compensation (which by reputation and my own experience is as good as they claim), and USD means they use ring-type ultrasonic drives for focus. That means faster focus speeds for stills, but these might not be your ticket for video, since stepping motors seem more popular there. Tamron’s last 70-200mm was always a bit of a mixed bag, review-wise, but after seeing the quality they dumped into their new 24-70mm 2.8 (I switched to it), I think we’re seeing a new Tamron, and I’m waiting to see how initial tests on this new 70-200 come back with eagerness. What? I could use a 70-200mm.

On the macro end, the 90mm is now stabilized, which rocks, and it’s a true 1:1 macro. I do get tired of this pretending 1:8 magnification counts as a macro, as I’m sure many of you do. The new macro also uses something Tamron is calling “eBAND” for its surface coatings. According to them:

eBAND Coating, developed by Tamron, is a new coating technique that drastically improves anti-reflection properties. A nano-structured layer (1nm = 1/1,000,000mm) with dimensions smaller than the wavelengths of visible rays of light is deployed on top of multiple coating layers to maximize efficiency.

So, you should get less ghosting and other associated chroma aberrations from this lens, which is also nice. Both lenses have 9-blade rounded diaphragms for the aperture, and will let you stop all the way down to a diffraction-inducing f/32 if it tickles your fancy, and we’ll know more about availability and pricing around Novemeber, so, keep those ears and eyes perked.

No, perkier.