Profoto Announces New B2 AIR Off-Camera System with TTL


Profoto-901110-B2-250-AirTTL- Location-Kit-lamps-off-WEB

Profoto today has launched a new entry into its B-line AIR series lighting kits. While not quite as unique as they’d like to sell it as (it’s basically the first true competitor to Elinchrom’s Quadra system), it is the first system of its kind to offer Canon or Nikon TTL support, which does indeed give it quite a competitive edge as a strobe/off-camera flash solution. So, yeah, the B2, is an off-camera lightly solution that uses compact, lightweight heads combined with a compact traveling pack that make it more desirable for location work than previous portable systems have, and also make it small enough to target shooters who would normally use speedlights instead.

Profoto’s take on this solution is based around a 250w/s pack that allows for true independent control of 2 flash channels (the Quadra system is based around a 400w/s pack with a fixed 1:2 output ratio between the two channels, for comparison). That’s a little weak on power to target location studio lighting, and targets it pretty squarely at replacing your speedlights as a location solution instead. To further reinforce that notion is the focus on TTL lighting, complete with FP sync support (the flash heads, in fact, can fire at an impressive minimum duration of 1/15,000 second. The Quadra system’s A-heads top out at 1/6000 second). The whole system is powered by a lithium-ion battery capable of delivering up to 215 flashes at full power.



The B2 is available with everything a la carte (heads, pack, li-ion batteries, cables, AC and car charger, carrying bag, etc…), but getting started you’ll probably want to look at either the 1 head “to-go” kit or the 2 head “location” kit.

The 1 head to-go kit includes:

  • 1 Profoto B2 head
  • 1 B2 250ws Pack
  • 1 Li-ion Battery
  • 1 AC charger
  • 1 carry bag for pack
  • 1 location bag for kit

The 2 head location kit includes:

  • 2 B2 heads
  • 1 B2 250ws pack
  • 2 batteries
  • carry pack
  • location bag
  • AC charger

It’s worth noting that none of the kits come with the Air TTL remote, so, if you’re looking to use this system via TTL (or, indeed, via remote at all) you’ll need to pick up one of those for Nikon or Canon.

The B2 system will run $2,995 for the location kit, $2,195 for the to-go kit, $695 per head, $1,495 for just a pack (no battery), and $229 per li-ion battery. The Air TTL remote you’ll need to make it all work runs $406 for either Canon or Nikon. If this sounds like exactly the sort of thing that’ll rock you world you can preorder pretty much all of this here.