Nikon D7200 Increments D7100 With Bumped Buffer and Low-Light AF



Well well well, what have we here? Why, it’s a Nikon D7200, upgrade to the 2013 D7100 model. It’s a pretty incremental bump over its predecessor, I can’t really pretend it’s not. The sensor is a new one, but ends up speccing just .1 megapixels more than the previous, and still lacks an optical low-pass (OLP) filter. Combined with the also typical processor bump (Expeed 4 instead of 3) you should see some increases in imaging quality, but they won’t be the type you can reflect in specs. It still maintains the same ISO sensitivity range and 6 frames per second as its predecessor. The buffer speed is reported to be 30% faster though,¬†which should help solve a common complaint on forums regarding the D7100’s somewhat, er, underwhelming buffer for RAW shooters. The D7200 can now proudly buffer 18 full-size 14-bit RAWs, 27 12-bit compressed RAWs, or 100 full-rez JPGs before the buffer tanks. That’s going to be the biggest improvement you see in this camera, however. The only other notable spec change is the new Advanced MultiCam 3500DX II autofocus module. The core specs, once again, remain the same with 51 autofocus points mostly covering the DX frame (and entirely covering the 1.3x crop mode frame) with 15 cross types and a center point sensitive to F8. The improvement here is in light sensitivity, and the sensor now boasts functionality as low as -3EV instead of just -2EV.

But hey, at least they built the wi-fi in this time, right?

The video capabilities have also gotten the usual incremental improvement, bringing them more inline with the D810 and D750 as far as features like zebra-striping, auto-ISO in manual, and the like go. Further towards the video vision is a new ME-W1 wireless mic with 164 foot range.

The D7200 will be available early April as a body only for around $1,199.95 or with an 18-140mm VR for $1,699.95. You can of course preorder those here. If you’re looking for a solid DX-format hobbyist model in the meanwhile, the D7100 isn’t much worse-specced and we still have those in stock in a variety of kits starting $996.95 (after $200 instant savings) for body only, and topping out at $1,496.95 (after a massive $630 instant savings) for a complete kit with 18-140mm VR and 55-300mm VR, WU-1A wireless adapter, 32GB SDHC card, camera bag, and a beginner’s DVD. You can browse our remaining stock of D7100 deals here. But, if you’re interested in those, I’d do it soon.¬†With the new model announced, once these are gone they’re going to be gone for good.