New Year’s Resolutions and Apple Computers


So, it’s no big secret that I’m not actually a legendary fan of Mac, despite being a visual artist, graphic designer, and web master. But, my last real impression with them was in college while OSX was still fledgling, and then later with my (admittedly) good friend who is one of the crazy fanatics who can really ruin anything for you (there are movies I still won’t watch just because of how he made a big deal about them).

But, it’s a new year now, a new decade really, and I’ve been playing around with the office’s 15″ MacBook Pro, and I have to admit, the fit and finish on these new aluminum unibodies is second to none. And, the new Snow Leopard build of OSX seems snappy and responsive, and the new multi-touch gestures with up to four finger swiping for things like the Exposé and minimize all makes multitasking on it a real pleasure finally.

So,I’m making a very strange resolution this year: I’m going to ditch my current laptop in favor of a 13″ MacBook Pro. Now, anyone who’s seen my laptop might think this is an extra strange resolve, because I currently own one of Toshiba’s high-end 17″ dual-core dual-GPU SLi gaming rigs, so a switch to the pared down 13″ Pro might seem an odd move, but let me explain.

The newest MacBook Pro, the little 13″, starts in a default config with a 2.26GHZ dual core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 160 GB HD (upgradable to 250 GB for a mere 50 bucks). My Toshiba has a 2.1 GHZ dual core (of an older generation, too), 2 GB of RAM, and dual 120 GB drives. So, really, other than the screen and the SLi, I’m upgrading even at the lowest Pro. And, I’m willing to live with the smaller screen because even 17″ isn’t really enough for Lightroom, and the cost difference between a 13″ MBP and the 17″ will buy me a 24″ widescreen display. Now that’s big enough for Lightroom.

And I know all of this because Roberts is a full Mac computer dealer. We know all this. We can tell you what your upgrade choices are, and we have fierce pricing. So, whether you want a tidy little 13″ Pro with a RAM and HD upgrade like me, or the 17″ Pro with Express Card slot and giant battery, or just a Mac Mini, one of the new, perfect for casual-use white MacBooks for kicking it about or for a son or daughter, or a Mighty Mouse or Cinedisplay, we’re the place to go. You can even check out all the base configs and other products here, but don’t forget to call us and ask about your customiation options.