Joby Announces new GripTight GorillaPod Stand for Mobile Devices



So, here’s another neat little product from Joby, makers of the iconic and whimsical Gorllapod products. Like everything in their line-up, the GripTight GorillaPod Stand is an odd solution for an odd set of problems. Niche is one word for it, and there’s a fair amount of debate as to how useful GorillaPods are actually. As an owner of one of the original ones, I can say that I have used it less than I expected to when I bought it. But I’ve never sold it, and continue to pack it for all my big shoots. Why? Because the handful of times I’ve needed it, it was the only tool that would work.

And now there’s this one, for smartphones. Given that over 60% of American adults now use some form of smartphone, and anecdotally we’d say the number of you our customers with them seems even higher these days, there’s definitely a market for something that addresses our phones. Especially as more and more cameras are beginning to allow remote operations from a smartphone.

The GripTight GorillaPod Stand is pretty fundamentally simple. The base is a classic GorillaPod, with all of it’s articulated rubber-striped balls of goodness. But, instead of a tripod head up top, you get a modified version of the smartphone holder jaws they make for cars. Joby’s solution appears more reliable, using two spring-tensioned metal pistons to control and lock the jaws instead of the usual plastic gearing, but the concept is going to be familiar to a lot of you right off the bat. It means it’ll work with any phone, any case, and with any accessories on the phone. A truly universal solution.

And, like Joby’s other products, it’s tempting because it’s also cheap. $29.95 is pretty on anyone’s budget, and certainly cheaper than replacing a phone if you were to drop or fumble one at a shoot instead of just hanging it on a lightstand, or on a table, or, well, whatever.

Oh, and we suppose it’ll probably help act as a tripod for phone pictures too. If you’re into that sorta thing.

JOBY Unveils 3 iPhone® & Android™ Stands for Smartphone Users Craving Creative Possibilities

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.October 24, 2012– JOBY JOBY is excited to announce the launch of the GripTight™ collection of Android and iPhone stands, versatile and universal solutions for smartphone users who take photos, capture video and view media everywhere they go. Known for its award-winning flexible GorillaPod™ camera tripods, JOBY expands creative possibilities with this new collection of stable, compact, lightweight and ultra-portable products that fit the best-selling smartphones (including iPhone® 5, Samsung Galaxy S® III and Nokia Lumia 920) – with or without protective cases.

The GripTight products let you create your own portable photography and video studio by helping you improve photo clarity, shoot from unique perspectives, capture shake-free video, and enhance your photo and video apps. Comfortably watch and enjoy video, browse websites, or Skype and video conference anywhere and everywhere. All thanks to the stable, hands-free positioning of these innovative designs.

“Because smartphones are now the cameras that are always on hand, consumers are using these devices more frequently to shoot photos and video,” said Laura Kawakami, JOBY brand and product marketing director. “Our versatile GripTight collection empowers iPhone® as well as Android™ and Windows® smartphone users to ‘get a grip’ on creativity and discover even more ways to use their smartphone cameras.”

The rock-solid GripTight Micro Stand is the only pocket-sized smartphone stand in the market. Designed with a steel inner frame and zinc alloy legs, the Micro Stand is sleek and durable enough to stash in a pocket or on a key chain for on-the-go convenience. Grippy, rubber feet allow users to stabilize their smartphones on uneven surfaces, and the mini-ballhead tilts 36 degrees in any direction for precise control of photo and video composition. The Micro Stand is ideal for smartphone photographers who want to be in their photo with friends or who love to watch YouTube™ videos in a café. It’s portable, convenient and easy to set up.

The GripTight GorillaPod Stand is an incredibly adaptable and all-terrain solution. Designed with flexible, wrappable joints and grippy, rubber feet, this solution allows users to secure their smartphones to all kinds of objects and stabilize them on all types of surfaces for the optimal perspective as they shoot photos, capture video and enjoy media. Ideal for city and wilderness adventures, the GripTight GorillaPod Stand is the perfect companion on an urban trek while photographing meals for a foodie blog, or on your next camping trip for setting up in-tent movie nights.

The innovative GripTight Mount is compatible with GorillaPod™ camera tripods and standard tripods via a universal, stainless-steel ¼-20″ thread. The Mount makes it easy to stabilize and position your smartphone to do everything from composing a challenging shot to capturing a time-lapse photo series or capturing a full-length video.

Stable and hands-free. Compact and lightweight. Designed for limitless possibilities and almost any smartphone, the GripTight collection from JOBY allows smartphone users to expand their creativity and improve their mobile photography and videography with three versatile, portable products that make perfect gifts for the holidays.

The GripTight Mount is available for $19.95 (US MSRP). The GripTight Micro Stand andGripTight GorillaPod Stand are available for $29.95 each (US MSRP). All products may be purchased at popular big-box retailers, consumer electronics, mobile and online stores, and at


Based in San Francisco, California, the JOBY brand was founded in 2005 with the introduction of the industry-defining and best-selling GorillaPod™ flexible tripod. JOBY creates creative, award-winning photo, mobile and lighting products that inspire the active lifestyle. We believe great design starts with a user-centric approach, is functional yet playful, and enhances people’s lives. For more information, please visit

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Christina Pacelli