GoPro’s new Hero+ LCD Coming Very Soon


GoPro today has announced a new entry to its super-popular Hero line of action cameras – the Hero+ LCD. You know, the ones you strap to canoes and surfboards and bikes and cars and water birds

and dogs

So yeah. Those things. The new Hero+ LCD is a tweak to the entry-level Hero camera, and it sees the addition of a rear LCD display for monitoring things, the ability to record 1080p video in 30fps and 60fps, still resolution at 8mp instead of 5mp, built-in wifi and bluetooth, and the line’s first in-camera trim function. Unlike its fancier Hero4 siblings, it’s built directly into the housing, so, a bit of a limitation there. But, at $300 it’ll still be less than the $400 Hero4 Silver, and the $500 Hero4 Black. Though, that’s also more than twice as much as the basic Hero, so be sure and ask yourself if the extra FPS mode, LCD, and built-in wifi and bluetooth are really worth that much to you,  yeah? If so, sounds like it Hero+ LCD is going to be a good fit!

◤ Source: Engadget