Fuji’s New X-T10 Is A Smaller, Simpler, Cheaper X-T1


Well, here’s a different one for you. Fuji today has announced a new X series mirrorless camera, the X-T10. It’s basically just an X-T1 in a smaller body with $500 shaved off the price tag. No, really.

pic_additional_01 pic_additional_02

Internally, it’s an X-T1 with a 16 megapixel X-TRANS sensor, 8 frames per second, and it ships with the new AF modes the X-T1 just got via firmware. Heck, it’s even a slight improvement over the X-T1 internally because of an added electronic shutter that picks up where the mechanical one stops at 1/4000 and takes you all the way up to 1/32,000 if you want.

The trade off? The body is smaller, has fewer controls, and lacks weather sealing. You can only use it in temperatures down to 0º C or 32º F for us Americans (aka when water freezes).

pic_diagram_02If you can live with a smaller body (about 10x7x6mm smaller), lighter (2oz less) camera with the same optic abilities (plus electronic shutter), then Fuji will soon happily let you have essentially their well-regarded X-T1 for $500 less (about $799.95 body only, $899.95 with a 16-50mm lens, or $1,099.95 with an 18-55mm f2.8-4 lens). If you still love as many external controls as possible and want a more durable, worry-free camera you’ll still want to pony up the extra for the X-T1 though. But hey, now you have choices!