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Jonathan Taylor

Yes, you can still by film...


Hello everyone out there in interweb land! My name is Jonathan and on most days you can find me in the used department of our downtown store. I will be blogging about the odd, strange, and always cool things found in my little corner of heaven called the used department. Probably once a week I am confronted by a customer who seems shocked that film is still available and that there are still people out in the world using it on a regular basis. I just so happen to be one of those people who shoot film about 90% and digital the other 10% of the time. I explain to them that there are so many great film cameras out there that they can buy real cheap and there are all kinds of benefits to using a film camera. One of these benefits is they're cheap! You drop it, gets stolen, or just dies your not out a whole lot of money. Yes there are still some that hold there value, Leica, Linhof, and a few others, but there's a whole bunch of cool cameras for $500 or less. The second benefit is that film limits your shots down to 24 or 36  so it forces you to slow down and take time in framing the shot you want. So I say come in and find yourself a film camera, a roll of film, and slow down. Digital is great instant gratification, but sometimes its good to wait and see what what appears on the film. Oh and did I mention we also have a lab that processes film.


Panasonic Micro-Four Thirds Camera Users Are Sexier

OKCupid, an online dating site which I may or may not be fond of myself, has let loose possibly the best blog article ever, where they have collected data on user attractiveness and correlated it against the EXIFs of the photographs. The results are kind of amazing and definitely interesting to read through. They looked at the results based on camera type, aperture, flash usage, and time of day. Some of the key findings? Interchangeable lens cameras make you hotter than point-and-shoots, and they'll both make you way hotter than camera phones. Flash makes you look 6-8 years less attractive (not that many working shooters couldn't have already told you that), and big, wide apertures add attractiveness to your shots. No, really, keep it at f3.5 or lower, kids.

Oh, yeah, and apparently people using Panasonic Micro-Four Thirds shooters like the GF1 or GH1 are just way totally sexy. Or something.

They break down how they collected everything in their post, which is worth reading in detail before running off and making big scandalous claims that Canon shooters are homely. Seriously people, be responsible with tantalizing data taken out of context. We're obviously not to be trusted with it, so it's up to you.


Roberts Offering IR Conversion, excellent pricing.

Want to take photos like this? We offer IR Conversion services...

Roberts is proud to offer IR conversion for point and shoot, APS-C, and full frame digital cameras. Why-fore would you want to convert your camera to the IR spectrum? Here's a list (because I like lists):

  • You want more dramatic black and white photos
  • You want the Wood Effect
  • You want to capture dreamy, fantastical colored landscapes
  • You work in Law Enforcement / Forensics
  • You're involved in certain types of scientific research
  • You have a specific assignment requiring the use of IR

Obviously the desire for ethereal coloring is the best reason for dropping a few bills on the conversion, now there are two types of conversion -

1.) 715nm: Suitable for B&W and low saturation color images. Camera will be sensitive to wavelengths higher than 715nm.

2.) 665nm: Suitable for both B&W and Color. Primarily used for color due to higher color saturation (vs. 715nm). B&W images can be produced in post processing. See a chart with the differences after the jump.

You get to pick one because, well, the fine folks at Precision Camera are going to remove with surgical precision your camera's IR filter and feed it to the crows. Ok, I don't know about the birds, but they're taking that thing off and replacing it with one of the correct sensitivity.

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Polaroid Decides CES Is Too Boring, Declares Lady Gaga Creative Director

Insert Whatever Jokes You Want HereSo, we're creating a "WTF" category just for this because I cannot file this anywhere else. Polaroid yesterday announced they were name Lady Gaga creative director of a new line of fashion-based products. Now, I actually rather like Lady Gaga, she's delightfully fun, and equally insane, but even I saw this press release and went 'bwuuuuh? srsly?'

Which is better than my editor's reaction, which was so spectacularly incredulous I wish I had a picture of it.

Anyway, this is apparently in all seriousness, hit the external link below to read the original press release.


Being Blind Less and Less An Obstacle to Phtographers

So, I've been bogged down a lot at work these days, so I'm not quite as up-to-the-moment as I'm used to, so today will be a game of catch-up for news that's really from last week, but, hey, what can you do?

Photo by Alex Dejong, Source: <a href=

Photo by Alex Dejong, Source: Gadget Lab

Getting started, first up is a fabulous and interesting article by Brian X Chen about how blind and visually impaired photographers are making use of modern technology (especially interesting is the iPhone 3GS and its uses) to overcome their handicaps and continue on making art. This has everything I approve of: cameras, art, technology, persevering and recreating paradigms and work-flow, and general brilliance.

It's Wired's scoop, and I won't steal their thunder by summarizing it poorly, so click the link below and read it there. You really do owe it to yourself to do this.