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Expo Special: 10% Off Sigma Lenses

I'm thinking of adding a Nikon kit to my aresnal, in the form of a D7000. But, while we're certainly not opposed to selling you one of the many D7000 kits we have in stock, that's not the point of this post. The point is, I was looking around at lens options for it, and my top choice is.... a Sigma. The Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM, to be precise. Sigma lists is for 680 clam, but we have it here for a way enticing $449.95. It's a little shorter on range than its nearest Nikon equiv, but that f2.8-4 one-stop aperture loss is astounding, the build quality is amazing, and the bokeh rendering is bar none the best I've seen from a standard zoom. So, it's the top of my short list for go-to lenses when I switch over.

And, did I mention today and tomorrow it's 10% off? Our price, not Sigma suggested retail. Actually, all our Sigma lenses are, for Canon and for Nikon. All Sigma lenses, 10% off. Plain and simple.

So, if you haven't thought of Sigma before, it's really time to start. Their lenses are sharp, build quality will impress you, they ave good zoom ranges and tend to have fairly wide apertures, and the OS models are image stabilized/vibration reduction. And, today and tomorrow they're pretty much too good a deal not to take us up on.


Expo Special: Westcott Photo Basics 2-Light Kit

Alright, who out there's just getting going in the biz? Raise your hands. Right, OK, you there! How would you feel about 2 500w photofloods with stands, 20" softboxes a background, and a free week rental of a scenic background for, oh, how about $200 bucks? Would that do anything for you this holiday season?

If so, well, by golly, the link below is the link for you!


Tamron Holiday Mail In Rebates

So we've got a new site, it's populated itself across the DNS servers, it looks good. Mmmm. If you scoot on over to the product page for Tamron's 18-270mm Di II VC lens you can see how our Mail-In-Rebates appear now. Instead of having you head over to a dedicated section for rebates, they're linked in the description field.

The lens, you'll find, has a $150 mail in rebate from Tamron through December 31st.

By Grabthar's hammer, what a savings.