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Last weekend, after I finished up a stressful run of work lasting about three weeks, I had the incredible pleasure of hosting what I think was the third Roberts Camera Hockey Photography workshop, hosted by the Indy Fuel. I think this was the third one, but I’m having trouble verifying that. Originally we did this […]

We could not have asked for better weather for our Indiana State Fair class. Mid 70’s, a gorgeous sunset and lots going on really set us up to get great photos! We’re highlighting several of the wonderful images the students created in this post. If you missed this class this year, be sure to put […]

Fathertographer: the guy who doesn’t care how beat up his camera bag is, or how his neck strap makes weird sweat lines on his neck, or how people look at him when he contorts his body awkwardly in public; he just wants to get the shot of the people he loves so much! We know […]

About two weeks ago I hosted a hockey Photography workshop with the Indy Fuel and Roberts Camera here in Indianapolis. Every so often I do one of these sports workshops with Roberts because it’s great to give back to the photographic community and because people seem to really love them. Secret is that so do […]

Last weekend was my third run at doing a Sports Photography Workshop for Roberts Camera’s Education program. This time around we went and shot the NASL Indy Eleven soccer team, which was a blast! The class consisted of 7 people, and we started out talking things like autofocus, focal length, and even how pro sports […]

Last weekend was a very exciting opportunity for workshop attendees, as well as myself as I held a photography workshop with Roberts Camera Education here in Indianapolis centered around barrel racing. What is barrel racing you ask? I’m glad you asked. Barrel racing is a rider attempting to take a horse in a clover leaf fashion […]

Roberts Camera is proud to sponsor Winona School of Photography 2014 in Brown County, IN this June 22-25! Winona is an affiliate school of Professional Photographers of Indiana and Professional Photographers of America. Winona School Indiana | The Winona Experience 2014 Instructors Dennis Hammon, Woody Walters, Bridget Harmon-Smith, Michele Gauger, Kevin Hudson & more!

Each year, one of my favorite weekends here at Roberts is Nikon Day.  We love having our friends from Nikon to our great city to talk gear, show off long lenses, and answer our questions…but more importantly is that Nikon likes to buy our customers lunch!  The only catch is that we have to cook […]