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I don’t want to start this blog post off by sounding like I’m whining, but I’m not the biggest fan of the Las Vegas strip.  It’s not that I don’t get the appeal or the fun, it’s just that it’s not where I personally would choose to spend my free time.  That being said, I […]

The holiday season has ended, the presents have been unwrapped, the New Year is being rung in and the stress of everything that you need to do in 2017 is probably setting in.  If you are like me, one of those things at the top of the your personal list is organizing photos!  This is […][/embed]

Wowza!  Photokina has kicked off in high gear with some big product announcements from some of the biggest and forward thinking brands in the industry.  There were A LOT of new products, so bear with me.  Here is my recap on the big news from yesterday!   And of course you can pre-order most of these […]

For anyone that somehow may not have heard, Indiana recently signed into law SB 101. These are sad days for Indiana and a very difficult time for the majority of Hoosiers that call Indiana home every day.  This new law has been weighing heavily on me for many reasons: 1. The obvious…Discrimination of any kind is […]

Roberts Local Photographer Spotlight: Katelin Kinney Here at Roberts, we are kicking off a new “thing” that we are calling our ‘Local Photographer Spotlight.’ It’s not a contest per se, and right now we are keeping it local to Indiana, but down the road we do hope to expand our reach! We are lucky enough […]

In case you were not aware, the huge ginormous CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was held last week in Las Vegas.  This is a big deal for a few reasons…the first is that this is the forum for MANY of our vendors to announce their latest and greatest technology that they will focus on for the […]

If you haven’t heard the news by now, we hope this will find it’s way to you one way or another! ROBERTS IS MOVING!  ROBERTS IS MOVING! ROBERTS IS MOVING! This is a big deal for many reasons, but let me start with the some of the logistics and how it might impact you: – […]

Roberts Camera Announces Move of Flagship Store after 44 Years By Meredith Reinker June 11, 2014 Indianapolis, IN – Locally owned Roberts Camera (Roberts Distributors, LP) announced today that it will be moving its flagship store location from 255 S. Meridian Street in Downtown Indianapolis after 44 years of residency to 220 E. St. Clair […]

Each year, one of my favorite weekends here at Roberts is Nikon Day.  We love having our friends from Nikon to our great city to talk gear, show off long lenses, and answer our questions…but more importantly is that Nikon likes to buy our customers lunch!  The only catch is that we have to cook […]

Indianapolis, Indiana, September 17, 2012 – Roberts Camera, Indy’s premiere photo store, is very proud to be getting more involved with local events going on in the community. Robert’s is focusing on several upcoming events that are important to the people and community of Indianapolis. Robert’s is extremely proud to be an official provider of […]