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Hello again! So while you were all taking in the review I wrote about the incredible Sigma 85F1.4 Art (which I did pre order btw) I also had in my possession Sigma’s New 500mmF4 AND their NEW 12-24F4. Even though I had both of those lenses at the same event I am going to be […]

A few weeks ago SIGMA announced their newest offerings to be released which included a 12-24F4 Art lens, a 500mmF4 Sports lens and the lens I myself have been waiting what feels like an eternity for; The Sigma 85F1.4 Art lens. (Image courtesy of Roberts Camera’s Website) First off, let me say that I am […]

Any time anybody comes out with anything new, I get excited. Whether it’s something I’m expressly interested in or not, I get excited. So when Sigma announced that they were coming out with a Sigma 30mm 1.4 for the smaller DX style image circle but it was for Micro 4/3 and Sony E-mount. I was […]

As a pro, finding a camera that truly speaks to you is important. That’s why every couple of years, when a new professional level camera is released, it’s a big thing for everyone, not just one pro or another. Usually a flagship camera is like a flagship car in that it’s got ALL the bells […]

I read someplace that March 31st was National Computer Storage day, or some such. I can’t find anything about it on the internet, but World Backup Day, and in honor of hearing this I’ve decided to do a blog about something I get asked quite frequently which is; what do I do for my mobile […]

Last weekend, after I finished up a stressful run of work lasting about three weeks, I had the incredible pleasure of hosting what I think was the third Roberts Camera Hockey Photography workshop, hosted by the Indy Fuel. I think this was the third one, but I’m having trouble verifying that. Originally we did this […]

Since it’s release Nikon’s newest 300mm F4 AF-S VR lens has caused quite a stir. The original lens was fantastic in terms of size and portability, but it was also too slow for most anything in my experience. Granted, it was not as slow as my Nikon 85F1.4D lens, nor was it as slow as […]

For years and years photographers swore by their prime lenses like they were the air they breathed. Back in the days of film. zoom lenses really were nothing but a good way to carry a range of focal lengths in your bag while *possibly* getting something sharp. Something usable. Something not as sharp as a […]

The other day I was telling a friend of mine that I found some new gear to be in love with but he would never guess what. It’s not some crazy new never-been-thought-of gadget, or something that will revolutionize the way we take pictures or talk on our smart phones. No, nothing quite so magical. […]

Originally published on Word around the web when this lens was announced spread like a California Wildfire. It was a momentous occasion if I do say so myself. The lens (as the title states) is the NEW Sigma 24-35 F2 lens, and the pomp and circumstance about its announcement was not because of it’s […]

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