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If you’re looking for a good tip on the basic maintenance that is cleaning your lenses, our own very own Jeff “JJ” Johansen has been interviewed by local business reviewer Angie’s List on how to do exactly that for a how-to guide they have posted today. Go ahead and give them the click to check that […]

So, this past weekend a draft of the FAA’s proposals for handling drones leaked online, and given that drones are expected to be quite the large industry going forwards (changing everything from photojournalism to Amazon deliveries, if the cards fall right) it’s been getting a lot of attention. Especially because right now the FAA doesn’t […]

Nikon’s not the only one having fun in the pre-Photokina run up. We’re hearing that Sigma, Tamron, and Sony have also been announcing some new lenses, and we figured we should probably drop in and mention a thought or two on them for y’all. People might argue with me, but for my money the coolest […]

Good news for all you fans of our photo lab! We have re-profiled our Epson 7880 with our preferred Epson Premium Luster paper! That’s the combo we use in our photo lab for many of the larger prints that go out to satisfied customers. And, with the new profile fresh in hand we’re going to make it […]

So, how’s everyone liking our new Education & Events department? Did you even notice we had one, filled with way more classes and workshops than we’ve ever done before? if you haven’t taken a look, maybe now’s a good time. We just added a new special workshop we’re doing next month with nature photographer Rich […]

  There’s been a lot of talk in the news this week about a nasty computer security exploit called “heartbleed.” And for good reason. Heartbleed is a major security issue that affects most of the web, pretty much any site you use that offers SSL security. You know, when your address bar gets the little […]

  This is TONIGHT! Grab a camera and meet us at the north-east corner of South and Meridian St in Indianapolis tonight at 6pm. Weather? pfft. We ain’t scared. Optech Rain Covers will be available at a special walk price of $4 for 2, or share with a buddy and it’s $2 to keep that […]

Guess what? Tomorrow is a photo waaaaaaalk!   Again, the plan is to meet at the northeast corner of South and Meridian St in Indianapolis at 6:00pm. We’ll walk for… some time, then there will be retiring to Ram if anyone wants to tag along. There’s no specific plan, which is good because, we won’t […]

As of this past fall we have a newly minted motto here at Roberts Camera: Your Vision. Your Camera Store. And part of our reasoning behind choosing that is we don’t want to just be guys who sell camera gear and that’s it. It’s easy to be about gear. Gear is shiny, gear is cool, […]

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