Roberts Raw!

about raw!

Back in 2008 we at Roberts came to a realization: there was no good way for us to give our online customers the same conversations and useful advice and knowledge that we're famous for giving our in-store and phone customers. And, that was something we couldn't stand for.

So, we started Raw! An Imaging Blog.

Our goals? To entertain, to inform, maybe to help solve a dilemma or two. We keep up on new camera announcement, do educational pieces, talk about upcoming events, share photos. You know, important stuff. Stuff that matters, and that a product page can't tell you. We want to connect with you as people, not as a faceless website.

So, here we are. Raw, baby. Raw.

About Roberts Imaging

For over 50 years Roberts has been a top source for your imaging and photographic needs. Still family-owned to this day, we have grown to be one of the largest suppliers of imaging equipment in the United States, with tens of thousands of products in our catalog.

But, our reputation lies in our brick-and-mortar attitude towards our customers. See, we think of you as people, and would rather make sure you get the advice and knowledge you need than sell you something for profit. We have decades of experience watching the photographic world grow, and many of our employers are also shooters and enthusiasts.

You can buy a camera anywhere. Experience and advice do seem a bit rarer, though. Which would you rather be: a customer, or family?