My Adventures at CES!



I don’t want to start this blog post off by sounding like I’m whining, but I’m not the biggest fan of the Las Vegas strip.  It’s not that I don’t get the appeal or the fun, it’s just that it’s not where I personally would choose to spend my free time.  That being said, I might be one of those rare birds that DOES enjoy going to CES!  While it is crowded and loud and crazy, and it is in Las Vegas, there is an energy about it that is palpable.  People are excited and inspired and I would even venture to say that the variety of people that the Consumer Electronic Show brings out is unlike any other trade show out there.  While the photo industry does not have the presence there that it used to, I still feel it is important to be there to get a sense of the trends and the future of imaging.  Although…I was not thrilled about my monorail line…yikes.  Monorail Line

Personal disclaimer: These photos were taken by me with my iPhone 6!  I am not a professional (or very good) photographer and the environment at CES is one of lots of people bumping into you, shadows and bad lighting.  The images are not going to be good and for that I apologize as I recognize that we are a camera store.  Please accept my apology in advance.

At CES, I saw everything from robots to self driving cars to virtual reality to a Nikon D5 cut clean in half!  It turns out that the future is officially here.  This post is here to give you an overview of some of the major trends that were represented at CES and that I see as making their way into our lives over the next few years in a much more prominent way.

  1. Virtual Reality: it is everywhere!

Virtual Reality_CES

2. Home Automation: it seems like pretty much everything now (even robots) is created to connect with Alexa or Google Home to assist with tasks like turning down the temperature in your home or closing a garage door from your phone!

robot ces


3. Drones are still a huge category and expanding rapidly! 

DJI is still the most advanced and well known brand name in this category and their booth had a huge draw with everyone wanting to see the new Mavic in action!



4. Audio: Bluetooth speakers, headphones and microphones are picking up in steam in a big way!  Look for brands like Klipsch, JBL, Sennheiser, Blue and others to become bigger and better over the next few years.  Oh, and Roberts carries most of these brands currently!



And don’t worry, while the world of imaging is changing and evolving, it was still well represented by big names that we know and trust like

Nikon, Sony, Canon, Panasonic and others!

Nikon always has one of the most impressive displays of photo specialty products at CES!

Nikon Booth _ CES

Very cool to see the Nikon D5 cut right down the center!

Half of a D5

Panasonic had a huge display with all of their capabilities and there was great excitement about the release of the new video beast, the GH5!




Sony had their full line-up of mirrorless cameras, lenses and video cameras prominently displayed!


And Canon had a great display of their EOS line, Cinema line as well as printers!

Canon CES 2

All in all, CES is always inspirational and it always leaves me pondering what the next big thing is.  It makes me re-evaluate what our customers may be looking for and what brands our customers want to see at Roberts.  We hope that we are always changing and evolving to meet your needs because our customers are the most important piece of our business.

And as a side note, I got to meet Corey Rich, who is one of the most amazing photographers and kindest people that I have encountered and I got to visit another photo specialty store similar to Roberts called B&C Camera!  Those guys are awesome and they have an amazing store!  If you find yourself in the Vegas area with photo needs, make sure to pay them a visit.

See you in the future!