PhotoWalk Returns TOMORROW!



Guess what? Tomorrow is a photo waaaaaaalk!



Again, the plan is to meet at the northeast corner of South and Meridian St in Indianapolis at 6:00pm. We’ll walk for… some time, then there will be retiring to Ram if anyone wants to tag along. There’s no specific plan, which is good because, we won’t lie, it’s not looking pretty out there:



Mmm-mm cold and rainy! We sure can pick’em. But, that won’t phase Nick and I. This ain’t our first wet and wild rodeo (ew). We’ll pick up some Optech Camera Cond… Rain Sleeves same as we’ve done in the past and trot out there regardless. If you too are unphased by the rain yourself, but, you know, it’s the camera you’re worried about really, then just bring $4 cash and we’ll trade you for your very own “rain sleeve” that’ll keep you safe in normal amounts of Indiana blah.

So, yeah! Tomorrow, 6pm. Bring your fortitude, a towel, a dry shirt, a waterproof camera (or sleeve for your not-waterproof one, or $4). Meet us at South and Meridian. If you are prone to getting lost, email me at and I’ll get you some contact info. Or be prepared to tweet us at @robertscamera. See you tomorrow, oh ye brave souls.