Nick and Derek’s Photo Walk: March 27th, 6:00PM





Woo! It’s finally not absolutely miserable here in Indy, and that means it’s time for Nick and I to break out those cameras and get back to actually taking photos outside. Where they keep all the fresh air. And, as always, we’d like to invite you to come along.

For those of you who’ve joined us before, skip to the next paragraph for time and date. For those of you new to the notion of our photo walks, here’s the skinny: periodically through the spring/summer/fall Nick and I will arrange for a couple hours in the evening or morning to just go somewhere and take pictures. It’s nothing serious, and we pretty much never really have plans or expectations. It’s just some time out on foot with camera in hand and an excuse to try and burn a few frames. And we love it when interested people come out and do the same. Then, it’s a social thing. We talk, we chat. If you have questions, we’ll help you. If we can’t, often times there’s someone out there who can. You get to meet other local photographers, or aspiring photographers, or students, or just generally cool people. There’s never a cost to show up (though, sometimes you’ll have to pay for parking.) Sometimes we’ll bring a model out, and if we do we’ll warn you in advance. Even if we do, Nick and I make sure they get some money for their time out of our own pockets, you don’t have to bring a dime to shoot with them. But, we’ll also pass a hat around in case people want to tip them more for coming out. It’s worked well in the past, and we think it’ll keep working well in the future. Occasionally, we’ll hang around afterwards at the slightly more adult-oriented but still all ages brew pubs like Ram or Rock Bottom and have something fried and a drink, and everyone’s welcome to come to that too if we do so. We’re not actually getting paid or on the clock to do these, it’s less about selling you things and more about getting out there and, you know, just shooting. And meeting people. And having fun.

So, we’re bring the photo walk back for its fifth anniversary, on March 27th (which happens to be the exact day we started making them public originally). It’ll be at 6pm in the evening. Interested parties should meet us at the north-east corner of South and Meridian St here in Indianapolis (there’s a big lot there we Roberts employees park at, it’s pretty cheap). We’ll be there a few minutes before 6 ourselves, and we always wait around until 6:15 for stragglers before walking off. This’ll just be a classic photo walk: no models, just wandering and still life / street photography. Bring whatever gear you like–smartphone, point-and-shoot, DSLR with off-camera lighting, large format glass plates, whatevs. We aren’t judging. It’s about pictures, after all, not gear. We’ll walk for an hour or two, then Nick and I will retire up the street to Ram for a bit if anyone wants to hang around and socialize. If not, cool too. Just want you to feel welcome.

So, that’s the plan? We good? Excellent! Any questions before then, or leading up to then, hit us up in the comments, on Facebook, at my email (, or on Twitter. If you feel better having a contact for that day in case you miss us or get lost along the way, email me and I’ll give you my cell. If you call the store with questions, be sure and ask for Nick or Derek, otherwise you might get some mixed information, and we want to keep you on the straight-and-narrow.

Also, hey, a link to add this event to whatever e-calendar you use – for you pen-and-paper types, well, you know what to do):