Yes, you can still by film…



Hello everyone out there in interweb land! My name is Jonathan and on most days you can find me in the used department of our downtown store. I will be blogging about the odd, strange, and always cool things found in my little corner of heaven called the used department. Probably once a week I am confronted by a customer who seems shocked that film is still available and that there are still people out in the world using it on a regular basis. I just so happen to be one of those people who shoot film about 90% and digital the other 10% of the time. I explain to them that there are so many great film cameras out there that they can buy real cheap and there are all kinds of benefits to using a film camera. One of these benefits is they’re cheap! You drop it, gets stolen, or just dies your not out a whole lot of money. Yes there are still some that hold there value, Leica, Linhof, and a few others, but there’s a whole bunch of cool cameras for $500 or less. The second benefit is that film limits your shots down to 24 or 36  so it forces you to slow down and take time in framing the shot you want. So I say come in and find yourself a film camera, a roll of film, and slow down. Digital is great instant gratification, but sometimes its good to wait and see what what appears on the film. Oh and did I mention we also have a lab that processes film.


  • Dana Kincaid says:

    But… Do you process black white film?

    Can you still get b/w film there, or just that C41 process black and white?

  • Jonathan Taylor says:

    Unfortunately we do not process b/w film, but we do sell all the supplies to do it yourself. We also sell b/w film as well as c-41 b/w film.

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