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Tamron Announces Updated Pricing And Availability for New 70-200mm f2.8 VC and 90mm Macros

Remember when Tamron announced they were making a new 70-200mm f2.8, one with VC and which purportedly will be to the same stellar quality as their unexpected 24-70mm f2.8 VC gem? Well, Tamron has reached out to me just now and let me know that they have pricing and availability for that lens and their new 90mm macro VC as well. Both lenses are slated to come out the 30th this month (give or take) in Canon mount, and you'll see them for Nikon 30 days later. No word yet on if they'll support Sony or other mounts with this lens. The price on the 70-200mm will be a very friendly $1,499, and the macro will be $849.

Again, I am myself an owner of the new 24-70mm VC from Tamron, and have bee very pleased with its performance, so I'm very keen to see how this new lens performs. Especially since it comes in between 600-800 clams cheaper than the big boys.


Canon Announces New 24-70mm f4 IS and 35mm f2 IS Lenses


Canon today has announced two new lenses for use on either its full-frame or crop-body DSLRs. The first is a 24-70mm constant zoom, just at the one-stop-slower speed of f4. To make up for it not quite being an f2.8, they've throw in IS to help with steadiess at longer shutter speeds, and priced it some $800 cheaper than the new 24-70mm f2.8 II. And, with an expectancy of December, there's a possibility you'll get your hands on one before you can its big brother.

Also up on the new-product train is a 35mm f2 IS USM prime. Miraculously, the press release doesn't sell the IS up as just being for video, and we may be beginning to see the rise of the image-stabilized fast-zooms and primes, and not just telephotos. Of which I cannot approve enough, having used in-body IS for years myself. It's easy to dismiss IS as "not being necessary" on these types of lenses... until you've tried it. The, going back is very, very frustrating, I assure you. The new 35 is also expected in December for a retail around $849.99.

If you'd like to preorder either, we're more than happy to accommodate that desire. Just use the links below. If you want to read the surprisingly short press release, hit the jump.


EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM:

EF 35mm f/2 IS USM:


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The Nikon D5200 Is A Real Thing... Just Not In The US

If you happen to follow any of the usual photo gear blogs, you're probably already aware that Nikon has announced a successor to its D5100 higher-end entry-level body. What you might not know is that at this time it has not been announced for the US market, and until such time as it is Roberts will not be stocking this model. Why? because, we don't like dealing with gray market products, and pride ourselves on our relationship with Nikon USA, and the support and quality we can offer you as a result. We'll talk more about this model if it gets announced for our market, but until then we'd like to point all US choppers wanting a genuine, non-gray-market Nikon to consider the short leap up to the similarly specced and well-loved D7000 for the time being. Or, there's always still the D5100 if you can't quite justify the extra budget.