A Look At Sensor Fabs and Tech, For The Full-Frame Crowd



Cross-Section of D800 Sensor, by Chipworks

This is for those of you who are into the nitty gritty of how your camera works, and where the actual components that make up their ooey-gooey insides come from. For example, the sensors. Like LCDs, sensors are an electrical component of some great complexity, and are often sourced from outside vendors or fabbers, either off the shelf or to a manufacturer’s unique spec. Nikon cameras, especially, since the dominance of their full-frame low-light shooters have often been surrounded by speculation about whether or not rival and undeniably-skilled chip-maker Sony has been providing the hearts of Nikon’s well-received shooters.

Enter Chipworks, a Canadian-based company that performs forensic analysis of, well, chips. They’ve been tracking the sensors inside  full-frame cameras for a decade now, and they know the list of suppliers and fabbers who can make such devices and how products from them look. Which means they can make some pretty intelligent guesses as to exactly where that sensor in your camera came from, and end the guessing games. They also have some thoughts about the tech being used by different makers, and a few loose speculations about what the future might focus on. But I’m pretty sure you’re just interested in seeing where your Nikon and Canon FF chips are from. So, I’ll let you go now. Hit the external link below and check out Chipworks’ blog for the answers.

◤ Link: Chipworks' Blog