iOS App Now Available For Nikon’s WU-1A Wireless Adpater



You’ll be forgiven if you’ve forgotten about Nikon’s WU-1A wireless adapter. I very nearly had. But, this little jobby plugs into the D3200, and once there lets your DSLR connect to a WiFi network and begins looking for a smartphone on the same network running the appropriate app from Nikon. Previously, this was only possible with an Android device, but as they promised way back when in their press release for it, it’s now September, and the iOS version of the app is exactly on time. With the app installed, you can use your iPhone or iPad to control your D3200, complete with live view, exposure, and album review. Captured photos will be sent over to your phone for immediate viewing and sharing. It’s not what I’d call lickety-split, but it does work exactly as advertised and adds some real tangible utility to your D3200. The WU-1a itself is all of $60, and the app is free, so, hey, why not?

◤ Source: Nikon Wireless Adapter App for iOS